2015 Irish Cannes Young Lion winner.

2016 script shortlisted for the Irish Cannes Young Lions.

2017 script shortlisted for Irish Cannes Young Lions.  

BSc in Marketing from DIT

Appreciates groovy bass lines and hearty headlines.

With five years as a professional musician, writing, recording and performing around the world, I decided that a career in advertising would suit my creative pursuits. And It worked out. Within my first year at Ogilvy, I went on to represent Ireland as a Young Lion at the Cannes Lions international festival of creativity. To this day, I still haven't stopped banging on about it. But there's more. I've also helped win new business, moved clients in new and exciting creative directions and laughed a lot in the process too. 

Besides all that, I'm obsessed with the NBA, writing short stories and drinking lots of hot sauce. I also have a BSc in marketing, which helps me understand the clients world too. It's not all me, me, me you know. Well, in your case, it is all about me. I guess that's why you're still reading. But if your not, I'd probably write some nonsensical words to grab your attention. Trottlebop Bazwollop. So, hit contact and make your stalking less creepy. 


Client Experience:

Ford / UCD / West Coast Cooler / Carlsberg / Innocent Smoothies / Audi / Tesco Mobile / Irish Heart Foundation / ISPCC / Stephens Green Shopping Centre / Mitsubishi / Windsor Motors / Heinz / Ulster Bank / Visa / Central Bank / Danone / HSE / Groupon / Dublin International Film Festival 



Chemistry  / Ogilvy & Mather