Things on my mind

1. I finished a new short story! It’s a comedy based on true events involving false convictions, an undercover agent and a short journey in a cab. I’m quite happy with this one, so it’ll be the first time I submit a piece to the Austin Screenwriters Short Film competition. Needless to say, I’m anxious, nervous, full of doubt and excited to see what happens. A pretty confusing cocktail of emotions but it feels good. 


2. I’m skateboarding again and loving it. The abuse from the general public is hilarious but it could be worse, I could be a cyclist. Now those guys have a bad rap. 


3. Getting geared up for the Cannes Young Lions briefing. Always love this one. 


4. Running off all the pizzas I ate in 2016. 


5. Pavement - Cut Your hair. 

Things on my mind:

"There's a lullaby for suffering" - Leonard Cohen

The art of arguing is turning to dust.     

Keep it on the level and give your heart a medal. 

Planet News. 

Dwayne Wade's first fight against Miami as a Bull. 

A Tribe Called Quest. Keeping it real.  





Things on my mind:

The Rolling Stones are overrated. I'll convince you why if you ask.  

House music keeps me focused but it doesn't mean I like it. 

How jolly is a Jolly Rancher? 

Short Story Shooters. This was an old writing project idea. Quite simply, I'd send rolls of film to photographers all over the world with a note that said, "shoot anything you like with this roll of film and send it back to me". When the rolls found their way back, I'd develop the shots and write fictional short stories based on what I got. Sounds pretty cool right? Well, I may make it happen shortly.

The Chicago Bulls need to wake up. 

Breakbeat Poets. 





Things on my mind:

Dancing like a sweaty lunatic on my 26th Birthday. 

Dumping my iPhone for the Google Pixel. 

The Chicago Bulls. 

My next move. 

Tasting and smelling music. 

Playing a monster at a haunted house. 





Things on my mind:

Irish hip-hop charmers Hare Squead, JAFARIS and Soulé.

The NBA 2016/17 season.

The gruesome history of fake blood in Hollywood. 

Writing about the NBA.

Who is the Trumpiest Trump who isn't Trump?

Ozzy Osbourne was over rated.