Case Study Video coming soon. hERE'S THE BREAKDOWN.  

To celebrate 100 years in Ireland, Ford didn’t just look to their past, they looked to the future. With a next generation car and €30,000 locked away in the glove box, Ford gave everyone the chance to find themselves driving it all home.  So, with an eye on the future, what do you do with a big prize like that? Well, you hide it all on google maps, design a ground breaking interactive treasure hunt, and with the help of Today FM’s Dermot and Dave, ask the whole country to find it.

We took the car on a journey in search of 5 scenic hiding spots and photographed our Mustang inside and out.

With 5 interactive features composed of hundreds of HD photographs stitched together, we brought the interior to life for an incredible interactive experience.  

The competition lasted 5 Days, with 5 unique clues from Dermot and Dave.

And a whole lot of love for Ford on their 100 year celebration.

We recieved a total video reach of 1,613,752 as players watched each day.

820,000 listeners eagerly waiting on clues.

A .69% Click Through Rate on digital coverage.

And with over 11 thousand entries.

We found 10 finalists.

Two tie breakers.

And announced one winner live of Facebook to 754,888 viewers.

Now that's how you get a whole country celebrating 100 years of Ford in Ireland.